XP-Labs ISO XP Probiotic Isolate New Zealand Whey *Exclusive Size* - 5lbs - Buy One, Get One Deal

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ISO-XP Probiotic Whey Protein

ISO XP is a premium-quality whey protein isolate which is packed with probiotics, amino acids, and wholesome nutrition.

Made with all-natural grass-fed New Zealand whey, ISO XP offers superior protein supplementation to assist with muscle growth, fat loss, hormone regulation, and cellular health. Studies have shown that whey isolate shakes are a healthy, easy-to-digest way for people of all ages to boost their protein intake.

XP Labs has designed ISO XP to deliver not only the best in sports nutrition, but a formula which can benefit anyone – athletes, bodybuilders, seniors, hikers, weekend gym-goers, and more.

No matter what your reason, ISO XP is here to guide you towards your Xtreme Performance goals.

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