CBUM Energy RTD - 355ml

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Flavour: Orange Sunrise


Crack open a can of Bum Energy and channel your untapped potential. Made with stimulating natural caffeine and brain-boosting cognizin, a dynamic duo that will deliver clean energy and sharpened focus. 12-pack of 12-oz cans.

  • Set a New Standard: CBUM's here to power up the authentic, the ambitious, and the aspiring. Cognizin will help you dial in your focus and keep you locked in while the same amount of Caffeine as a 12oz cup of coffee will stimulate your brain and keep you moving.

  • Keep It Clean: Leave the drinks that contain a laundry list of ingredients in the past. Bum Energy contains just two simple ingredients, 112mg of Caffeine & 250mg of Cognizin. Made with zero sugar and no artificial colors. Just pure, untapped energy potential.

  • Energy For All: Whether you’re a student, an athlete, an entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to take life by the horns, Bum Energy is here to help you keep moving forward as you live life to the fullest. Be bold and leave your inner bum behind.

1 BUM = 12 oz Coffee

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