PVL Gold Series Domin8 - 520 Grams

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Flavour: Gold Medal Grape


Let’s face it. Just “showing up” doesn’t cut it. You want to make the most out of absolutely everything you do. Your workouts, your passions, your life. You demand the best, a higher standard. The energy and willpower to rise to the top comes from within.

Why do so many pre-workout supplements out there fall short? They temporarily bring you “up” only to fizzle out then make you crash and burn. You want something that gives everything back that you are putting in. ‍

The Solution—Finally, a full powered pre-workout that works as hard as you do! Science meets performance. Full doses that real athletes need. All SMASH… no crash!
Pre-Workout Super Fuel

Dominate by definition: “To be in total control. Hold the power to defeat.” Introducing the hardest working pre-workout in the game DOMIN8. A research driven complex of 8 mission critical ingredients, fully loaded to deliver euphoric energy & focus that sets a new standard.

Time to bring it, drive it, energize, lift, push & power through like never before! You’re one scoop away!


  • An euphoric sensory workout experience delivering energy, endurance and focus.
  • 8 “Mission critical”, clinically supported with performance ingredients
  • No “crash” formula with dual sources of caffeine
  • Informed-Choice Tested, Safe for Sport
  • Added hydration benefits that many other products lack, with Aquamin and Pink Himalayan Salt.

The use of Nitrosigine has been shown to promotenitric oxide (NO) production for improved blood flow to the muscle, focus, andenergy. Nitrosigine® is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate that isscientifically engineered to deliver benefits that are essential to peak sportsperformance. Nitrosigine is a powerful and safe non-stimulant ingredient thathas been clinically supported for safety and efficacy in 30 studies.Swellthe cell, grow the muscle!

Our powders are formulated without the use of banned anabolic drugs listed by WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency. Our facility does not allow nor do we use any banned substances, SARMS, or drugs. DOMIN8 is even further tested as part of the Informed-Choice drug testing program, the most reputable program in sports nutrition.

DOMIN8 has zero calories, sugars or carbs. It contains vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and amino acids that are already broken down for higher digestion and absorption. It has no artificial flavors, colors or acesulfame potassium (AceK). There is a small amount of sucralose added that is minimal but allows for sweetness.

Tyrosine is an amino acid that supports natural energy and focus. Lion’s Mane extract is from a mushroom that greatly helps the body to adapt to stress caused by exercising. It also greatly enhances focus, memory and performance.
Our ingredients are non-GMO plant-based sourced, including vitamin B12.

DOMIN8 does not contain gluten, soy, nuts and dairy in the formula. As mentioned on the labels, it is proudly produced in a facility that handles ingredients from milk, soy and fish (collagen).

A lot of pre-workout powders are highly susceptible to clumping due to the nature of popular ingredients such as L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, and other ingredients. Exposure to heat and humidity is also a contributing factor to clumping and hardening. DOMIN8 is formulated to include very small amounts of food-based ingredients, such as waxy maize, to help keep the powder as dry and fluffy as possible and prevent it from hardening or clumping.

Caffeine is an important component to bring your training to the next level! It boosts the energy levels for performance and is thermogenic, which means you can burn more calories during your workout. There is 180mg of caffeine in a half scoop and 360mg in 1 scoop (26g).

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