Mutant Clean Chalk *Refill* - 240 ml

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Chalk is an excellent resource for the gym but carrying it around can create a dusty mess. Thankfully, Mutant has a perfect solution. Clean Chalk is a revolutionary liquid that provides the grip you love from chalk without any of the mess!

  • Zero mess liquid supplement formula
  • Provides superior grip
  • Lasts longer than regular chalk

Liquid Chalk provides the grip you need for all of your weightlifting activities without the mess. You’ll never have to worry about your hands slipping or needing to readjust your grip, thanks to this fantastic supplement.


Mutant knows you need a supplement you can depend on with every supplement you buy, and its liquid chalk is no different. Each application lasts for your entire workout but washes off easily with soap and water. Focus on your form and let Liquid Chalk focus on everything else.

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