Mammoth Iso-Rush - 5 lbs

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Flavour: Chocolate Ice Cream

ISO-RUSH is derived entirely from premium rGBH Free (hormone free), Cross Flow Micro-Filtered (CFM) whey protein isolate. During manufacturing, micro-filtration separates lactose and minerals from the protein. We then use a special enzymatic process to reduce the remaining low level of lactose to its component sugars. The result is a completely undenatured and fully bioactive protein that is easy to digest.

We specifically formulated ISO-RUSH so that it can be used by anyone, regardless of your goals. Men, women, professional athletes, and weekend warriors alike can utilize this ultra-premium whey protein isolate to achieve their health and fitness goals.
Whether youre trying to improve your performance for a sport, lose weight, put on quality muscle, or simply maintain your current weight, ISO-RUSH is your go-to whey protein isolate powder. With the highest-quality ingredients used, you can feel confident knowing that if youre doing your part in the gym, ISO-RUSH will do its part to supply your muscles with the nutrients needed to recover properly and get you one step closer to achieving success.

With a wide variety of products available from Mammoth, you can improve your results and physique by stacking ISO-RUSH with other Mammoth products. Go to to check out all of our cutting-edge products.
The amazing benefit of supplementing with ISO-RUSH is that you can literally create every stack under the sun because its a high-quality protein powder that goes with just about everything. EAAs, fat burners, BCAAs, creatine, glutamine all go with ISO-RUSH. Protein is a vital component of every fitness program and needs to be present in your supplement regimen even if only used for post-workout recovery.

In a world where everyone is looking for shortcuts, Mammoth prides ourselves in being fully transparent. After all, you should be able to trust and feel comfortable with the brand you are purchasing and using. We dont hide behind proprietary blends and we certainly dont engage in unethical practices such as amino spiking our protein to fluff the numbers. When we say you get 29g of protein per scoop, its 29g of 100% pure whey protein isolate. In fact, we take things one step further (which isnt required) and we actually break down the full amino acid spectrum on the label

When looking at protein powder, its easy to get confused by the various sources. Yet, when people demand the highest-quality protein powder available to help achieve their physique goals, whey protein isolate reigns supreme. With the fastest and highest absorption rate, whey protein isolate is quickly and easily broken down and absorbed by the body. ISO-RUSH in particular was specially engineered to avoid gastric issues that can arise from some less expensive protein sources. When fast results are what youre after a whey protein isolate like ISO-RUSH is the perfect option.

Whats great about the ISO-RUSH formula is that it can be used in the morning, afternoon, or at night, literally whenever you need protein to fulfill your requirements for the day.
One of the best ways to use ISO-RUSH is post-workout to kickstart the recovery process. Due to the nature of the premium cross flow micro-filtered whey isolate, you will be able to absorb the protein into your system and shuttle the nutrients out to the working muscles extremely quickly.

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