Iron Vegan Sprouted Protein Bar - 12 x 64 Grams

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Flavour: Double Chocolate Brownie

Sprouted Protein Bar

Fuel your next adventure with the power of plants!

Iron Vegan Sprouted Protein Bars are carefully formulated to help you achieve results in life and in sport.

Featuring functional plant-based protein sourced from 5 sprouted grains: brown rice, millet seeds, amaranth grains, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa seeds, Sprouted Protein Bars help fuel your fitness so you can keep going longer. Each bar packs 16 grams of non-GMO, raw, vegan protein to help build strong muscles.

Fuels fitness & adventure so you can keep going longer

Take the power of plant-based nutrition with you on the go. Sprouted Protein bars are clean, delicious, and fully loaded with the best possible ingredients for a quick on-the-go protein solution.

Builds lean muscle so you can come back stronger

Each bar provides 16 grams of protein sourced from sprouted grains to help you build strong muscles.

Accelerates recovery so soreness doesn’t stop you

Refuel post-workout or mid-adventure with all natural, non-GMO, real-food nutrition to give your body the support it needs so you can keep going longer.

5 Sprouted grains and seeds

Sprouted Protein Bars are packed with protein sourced from 5 raw sprouted grains: Brown Rice, Millet Seeds, Amaranth Grains, Pumpkin Seeds, and Quinoa Seeds. Sprouting the plant-based proteins makes them easier to digest and more nutrient-enriched.

Made with real food ingredients

Like all Iron Vegan supplements, our Sprouted Protein Bars are made using real food ingredients to provide a rich source of nutrients to fuel you and your adventure. 

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