Cutler Nutrition Generate BCAA's & EAA's - 330 Grams

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Flavour: Black Lemonade


Advanced EAA Muscle Recovery Formula

Generate is not your everyday branched amino acid (BCAA) supplement, but rather features all nine essential amino acids (EAA) to help stimulate muscle growth and enhance recovery.

  • Features All 9 Essential Amino Acids
  • Lean Muscle Support
  • Support Recovery

Complete Essential Amino Acid Profile: Generate features all 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) for comprehensive muscle support.

Beyond Basic BCAAs: Elevates the standard BCAA formula by including a full spectrum of EAAs for optimal muscle growth and recovery.

Supports Lean Muscle Growth: Specifically designed to aid in building lean muscle mass.

Enhances Muscle Recovery: Helps your muscles recover more effectively, enabling more consistent training.

Debunks Traditional BCAA Myths: Addresses the limitations of BCAA-only supplements and emphasizes the need for a full EAA profile.

Muscle Growth Analogy: Likens BCAAs to a "light-switch" for muscle growth, while EAAs provide the necessary "electrical current."

Synergistic BCAA and EAA Blend: Combines BCAAs and EAAs for a more effective muscle building and recovery process.

Scientifically Proven: Research shows that a combination of BCAA and EAA is superior in stimulating muscle protein synthesis compared to BCAAs alone.

Promotes Protein Synthesis Over Breakdown: Aims to ensure muscle protein synthesis consistently exceeds breakdown for significant muscle gains.

Ideal for Serious Athletes: Perfect for those striving for improved recovery, lean muscle growth, and a better physique.

Train like the pros: Jay Cutler's Generate BCAA & EAA amino acid supplement for men and women that offers faster recovery time and efficient protein synthesis for even the most serious bodybuilders

Clinically dosed ingredients: This post-workout recovery drink has been carefully formulated with the ideal ratio of BCAA amino acid powder and EAA powder that work together for combined results

Premium amino acid powder infusion: Forget your boring branched-chain amino acid supplement and feel the Cutler difference with our delicious advanced BCAA and essential amino acid supplement

Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who understand the importance of recovery in muscle development, Generate is backed by scientific research.

It proves that the combination of BCAAs and EAAs is more effective than BCAAs alone in increasing protein synthesis, leading to more lean muscle mass, improved strength, and an enhanced physique.

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