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A science-backed, daily-use natural testosterone support formula that helps build muscle, burn fat, and invigorate sexual health.*

The key ingredients in STATUS® have been scientifically shown to support:

  • 434% Greater Increase of Testosterone compared to exercise alone*(1)
  • 128% Greater Loss of Body Fat percentage compared to exercise alone*(1)
  • 137% Greater Increase in Muscle Size compared to exercise alone*(1)
  • Reduction in Cortisol*
  • Improved Sexual Health*
  • Improved Muscle Recovery*
  • Reduction of the Effects of Estrogen*
  • Enhanced Quality of Sleep*
  • Enhanced Memory & Cognition*
434% More Testosterone

Science-Backed to naturally increase testosterone levels by up to 434% more than exercise alone.*

No Weird Chemicals

Quickly, safely and naturally optimize your testosterone levels without hard to pronounce "ingredients."*

Daily Routine Made Easy

Effortlessly support your natural T production with just one serving a day. Just 3 capsules with water - it'll take you less than 30 seconds.*

Testosterone Made Easy™

Doctor formulated in accordance with the strictest standards, Status® is scientifically-backed to naturally increase testosterone levels in men by up to 434% more than exercise alone.*

Why Increase Testosterone Levels?
Build Muscle

Testosterone helps build lean muscle mass, strength, and increases stamina and endurance

Shred Body Fat

Testosterone helps to significantly burn off body fat, even from the abdominal area.

Better Sexual Health

Higher testosterone levels can increase sexual performance, desire, and drive.

Boost Energy

Testosterone helps boost energy and motivation, fighting fatigue and brain fog.

When it comes to Status® it's What's on the Inside that Counts.

Just safe, effective ingredients

490.5 mg
Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6
A precise combination of highly bioavailable Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 assist in testosterone production, fuel protein synthesis, recovery, strength, and metabolism.*

600 mg
Using multiple double-blind, placebo controlled studies, KSM-66® has shown 434% higher levels of testosterone in men than from exercise alone, and 133% greater fat loss.*

108 mg
3-3’ Diindolymethane (DIM)
The research-backed dose of DIM decreases production of estrogen and blocks the breakdown of testosterone into estrogen.*

100 mg
Standardized Fenugreek
A highly standardized fenugreek extract helps prolong testosterones otherwise short, yet extremely valuable period.*

300 mg
Longjack Extract 100:1
Longjack has been shown in clinical studies to tap into the 98% of what would otherwise be biologically inactive testosterone - increasing your free-testosterone levels and all of their benefits.*

How Does Status® Work?

With Status®, your natural ability to make usable testosterone is optimized.*

  1. Initiation Status®begins by reducing the breakdown of your body’s available testosterone into estrogen*
  2. Activation Status®searches out any trapped testosterone in your body and unlocks it for use*
  3. Optimization Status®prolongs your testosterone’s active state so that it’s valuable to you for longer*
  4. Rejuvenation Status®begins to fuel your body’s recovery, support strength, and increase metabolism*
How to Use:

Take 1 Serving (3 Capsules) of STATUS® in the morning with or without food. For maximum results combine STATUS® with sensible exercise and proper nutrition.

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