Ballistic Supps Berberine Supercyclo - 90 Capsules

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Berberine SuperCyclo™ (Berberine-Cyclodextrin complex):

Berberine has been shown to be a very effective glucose disposal agent (GDA) in serval studies. Berberine increases glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and inhibits -glucosidase activities, as well as promoting glucose uptake in muscle cells.

It works by increasing phosphorylation of the insulin receptor, insulin receptor substrate- 1, and protein kinase B. Its main mechanism is through activation of Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) while inhibiting the enzyme Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B (PTP1B), an enzyme that down regulates the insulin pathway which can also lead to insulin resistance and the resulting increased storage of glucose as fat.

A great feature of Berberine is that it will only reduce blood sugar levels if they are elevated. The main drawback with regular Berberine is that the bioavailability is extremely low. Only 0.5% of orally ingested Berberine are absorbed in small intestine and about0.36% can enter the systemic circulation.

Now there’s no need to waste your money on regular, hard to absorb, and ultimately ineffective Berberine!Berberine SuperCyclo™ from B1 by Ballistic® is Berberine complexed with beta-cyclodextrin. Cyclodextrins are sugar molecules bound into a ring- or doughnut-shape, which can be used to increase the solubility of other insoluble compounds. The insoluble compound is held in the hydrophobic cavity, and the cyclodextrin acts as awater-soluble “carrier” molecule. This makes Berberine SuperCyclo™ more soluble leading to more than double the absorbability rate of normal Berberine.

Now you can eat your carbs and store less fat, get leaner, have more available cellular energy for training and life,and create much better muscular pumps at the gym just from taking one capsule of Berberine SuperCyclo™ beforea moderate to high carbohydrate meal.

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