Athletic Alliance MTOR Ultra EAA - 442 Grams

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Flavour: Blue Freeze
MTOR ULTRA is designed to be consumed during or after intense training, though it can be taken anytime.

mTOR Ultra was designed for muscle protein synthesis (MPS) by appealing to all 4 criteria for new muscle production – 1. Anabolic signal (mTOR), 2. Presence of all EAAs, 3. Presence of arginine, 4. Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance! .

Your body needs ALL the essential amino acids (EAAs) as well as arginine to produce new muscle, so we included high doses of each! Leucine (also present in high amounts in Rocket and Havok-137) ignites muscle growth while the EAAs and arginine complete the process. Beyond that, you need to be in a positive nitrogen balance and keep the amino acids in a useable form. Enter AKG. AKG helps keep you in a positive nitrogen balance and keeps amino acids in a useable form, extending the anabolic window. Talk about a complete formula! Even outside of MPS, all the EAAs are ESSENTIAL, meaning you NEED to consume them for a dietary or supplementary source.

This is the ideal supplement for vegan and vegetarian users as vegan protein sources tend to be lower in EAAs than animal proteins and we use only fermented vegan amino acids. See below for the benefits of each ingredient individually.

Arginine-AKG increase nitric oxide leading to better pumps and increased muscle protein synthesis (MPS). The AKG reduces ammonia levels and extends the anabolic window. This addition increases blood flow without increasing blood pressure, driving more nutrients to the muscle. It is also used to treat kidney disease, liver problems, cataracts and even digestive issues.

Glutamine is considered conditionally essential for injury and illness. It provides fuel for immune cells and plays a huge role in digestive health improving the absorption of the product.

Essential amino acids are aminos that HAVE to be consumed through dietary or supplementary forms. All are 100% essential to muscle protein synthesis (MPS). When taken alone vs. in food, the essential amino acids don’t compete with others for absorption leading to higher amounts being used. They have a variety of functions in the body. All amino acid listed below are essential and must be consumed for proper health.

L-Lysine is a building block of protein, helping with muscle growth and turnover. It is used to form carnitine which helps transport fat across cell walls for conversion to energy. Lysine has also been found to reduce anxiety and has an important role in immune function. It can also increase the absorption of Zinc which is required for healthy testosterone levels.

L-Leucine is the “main” BCAA in muscle tissue and is a huge player in producing muscle, signaling and stimulating new muscle growth and preventing muscle loss. Leucine signals mTOR which induces MPS.

L-Isoleucine is an intermediate BCAA with less anabolic effect than leucine but more anabolic/anti-catabolic than valine. It increases the uptake and utilization of glucose in muscle tissue helping to aid performance.

L-Methionine A sulfur containing amino acid, methionine has many benefits including nourishing hair, skin and nails, detoxification, aiding in the absorption of other nutrients, excretion of heavy metals and breakdown of fats (particularly around the liver), increasing the production of lecithin in the liver and lowering cholesterol levels. Also important for the process of transmethylation for the synthesis of choline which can have cognitive benefits as well.

L-Valine The last of the three BCAAs, valine is essential to MPS though less significant than leucine or isoleucine. It assists in energy provisioning and helps build strength and muscle mass.

L-Phenylananine is used to produce proteins in the body and produce signaling molecules. Phenylalanine has also been used to treat skin and mood disorders and may provide energy.

L-Threonine Best known for its role in the formation of connective tissue like collagen and elastin, threonine also helps regulate digestion, mood and muscle growth. Can also help with liver health by preventing fat accumulation around the organ.

L-Histidine is used to form specific hormones and metabolites that impact kidney function, transmission of nerves, stomach secretions, and the immune system. Histidine also affects repair and growth of tissue, making blood cells and helping to protect nerve cells. It is also used to make histamine in the body. Helps regulate and metabolize trace minerals and protects brain cells. *When combined with beta-alanine, present in Havok-137, Havok Neuro and Rocket, histidine produces carnosine, a potent antioxidant.

L-Tryptophan maintains positive nitrogen balance required for MPS and aids in the production of Niacin which helps maintain a healthy cholesterol ratio, and is essential to the production of serotonin which can help improve mood and sleep quality.

To maximize MPS, stack with any of our three anabolic pre-workouts – Havok-137, Havok Neuro or Rocket – for a synergistic effect. All three of these will increase the anabolic signal (mTOR) to better utilize mTOR Ultra for its intended purpose of muscle protein synthesis. Sip on product any time of day to increase intake of all these wonderful essentials, increase NO and maintain a positive nitrogen balance. mTOR Ultra is also keto/fasting suitable as it will not cause an insulin spike pulling you out of ketosis! So, go on, give it a whirl. One sip and you’ll be hooked!

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