Allmax Nutrition Leucine - 440 Grams

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'The Ultimate Muscle Builder’
  • Stimulate Protein Synthesis*
  • Preserves Lean Muscle Mas*
  • Promotes Muscle Recovery*
  • 100% Animal-Free Source

LEUCINE could be hailed as one of the most potent natural muscle building supplements known to man. ALLMAX brings you the purest and most powerful single ingredient to build hard, lean, dense muscle, fast! LEUCINE (C6H13NO2) is an Essential Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) known throughout bodybuilding as the ultimate muscle-builder.

“LEUCINE is essential for achieving a positive nitrogen balance and building lean muscle mass.”

LEUCINE activates an anabolic pathway called the mTOR pathway which stimulates muscle protein synthesis. By increasing LEUCINE consumption the mTOR pathway is signaled and protein synthesis is increased. No single ingredient has the pure, unadulterated anabolic power that LEUCINE does. Simply stated, LEUCINE is essential for achieving a positive nitrogen balance and building lean muscle mass.*

“LEUCINE is one of the most concentrated amino acids within the skeletal muscle tissue.”

LEUCINE is one of the three branched chain amino acids (the other two being Isoleucine and Valine) and is extremely important to consume dietary sources or supplements to provide the body with this important BCAA. It is naturally found in nuts, brown rice, whole wheat, cottage cheese chicken and fish. Unlike amino acids, which are metabolized in the liver, BCAAs are metabolized in the muscles and are integral for protein synthesis and for preserving lean muscle tissue. LEUCINE is one of the most concentrated amino acids within the skeletal muscle tissue.

“LEUCINE is so essential for the body that it is referred to as a ‘limiting nutrient’.”

LEUCINE is so essential for the body that it is referred to as a ‘limiting nutrient’. The body absolutely requires LEUCINE in order to make use of all of the other amino acids. Without adequate amounts of LEUCINE all other sources of protein can be deemed useless. In short, without LEUCINE the body doesn’t function properly and will not make use of protein.

Implications for Athletes/Bodybuilders
* Lean Muscle Preservation

LEUCINE helps to preserve lean muscle tissue. It has been found to work with insulin to promote protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. It is also essential for post workout recovery. In fact, one study found that adding 2.8g of LEUCINE to a meal, whether it was high in protein or not, helped to increase muscle protein synthesis by approximately 60%! (1) Another study found 4.4g and 8.3g of LEUCINE increased muscle protein synthesis by 50-70%! From this research, researchers suggest consuming approximately 3-4g of LEUCINE to effectively maximize muscle protein synthesis. (2)

“One study found that LEUCINE increased muscle protein synthesis by as much as 50-70%!”

A study conducted on LEUCINE consumption found it may prevent muscle loss which is a negative fact of life for the aging population. The study group who consumed a LEUCINE-rich diet did not experience as great of protein degradation as the other group. The LEUCINE group experienced a more favorable protein breakdown which was more comparable to a younger participant’s pattern. (3)

LEUCINE also helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. Research found that a positive LEUCINE balance indicates the body is in a state of protein anabolism and that a negative LEUCINE balance may suggest catabolism. Simply stated, LEUCINE is essential for achieving a positive nitrogen balance and building lean muscle mass.

* Dieting and Blood Sugar Regulation

During dieting LEUCINE has been found to be especially helpful for its ability to spare protein degradation. When calories are restricted, the body uses LEUCINE as a source of gluconeogenesis, by supplementing with LEUCINE glucose blood levels can be stabilized as LEUCINE easily and readily converts to glucose. In fact, LEUCINE has been found to convert to glucose at a much faster rate than the other BCAAs.

LEUCINE can also supply the body with an energy source during stress, which is essential during extreme dieting or after training.

A study conducted on the different diet variations 30 minutes following resistance training found that the group who consumed a carbohydrate/protein+ LEUCINE supplement experienced a reduction in protein degradation, this group also showed an increase in skeletal muscle protein synthesis which was significantly greater than the study group who consumed just carbohydrates and protein. (4)

THE ALLMAX ADVANTAGE: Our pure, German-Source, Pharmaceutical-Grade LEUCINE crystalline powder is a 100% Animal-Free source! Derived from a pure vegetable (corn), the complex fermentation process yields a clean, white crystalline LEUCINE powder. There are zero binders, excipients, additives or preservatives in our LEUCINE product.

“Our pure, German-Source, Pharmaceutical-Grade LEUCINE is a 100% Animal-Free source!”

ALLMAX did not stop there; we’ve taken the highest-grade LEUCINE available and made it even better. In the final stage of LEUCINE production, the result is a coarse crystalline structure. We’ve taken the raw crystal material and microparticulated through a complex series of processes; the result, a perfect, ultra-fine white powder that has optimal absorption levels.


While ALLMAX Essentials provides you with the ultimate in high-grade ingredients, there are other cheaper ways to get your LEUCINE. Most LEUCINE, frequently of Chinese origin, comes to you from a source of HUMAN HAIR (typically from barber shop floor waste), DUCK feathers – or both.



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