How To Use Tribulus

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that grows in some moderate climates and tropical areas of the world. In studies, it has shown impressive results in enhancing natural testosterone levels over 40%. More testosterone in both males and females creates more lean muscle and higher levels of fat metabolism. Libido is also increased. Tribulus is a safe and effective way to increase testosterone production in your body.
How do I use it?
Males: 750-1,500mg per day divided among meals.
Females: 250-750mg per day divided among meals.
Use Tribulus for 6-12 weeks followed by one month off. Use Tribulus for 4-8 weeks followed by one month off.
Most products come with their own instructions and should be followed.
Note: If skin becomes oily, reduce dosage.
Summary of Benefits:
• Safe Elevation of Testosterone Levels
• Increased Muscle Growth
• Increased Strength and Endurance
• Quicker Recovery Between Workouts
• Increased Sleep Quality
• Increased Libido in both males and females
Complementary Products:
• ZMA and Tribulus (combined, they create the ultimate pro-testosterone stack)
• Glutamine
• 6-OXO
• Vasodilators
• Other Anabolic Agents
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