How To Use Nitric Oxide

Vasodilators or Nitric Oxide (NO2) producers open up (dilate) blood vessels for up to 24 hours. With your blood vessels expanded, more blood flows to your muscles, making you look fuller, shapelier and more vascular. More blood flow allows for more nutrients (protein, creatine etc..), naturally occurring anabolic hormones, and growth factors to be shuttled into your muscle, encouraging your muscles to grow bigger and stronger.
How do I use it?
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Note: Individuals over 180lbs may increase dosages 10%-25%
Note: Do not take Ephedrine while using a Vasodilator.
Some individuals overload on Vasodilators thinking the more they take the more NO product they take, the greater the result. This is not true. The enzyme that's involved with in NO production cannot be overloaded. Excess dosages accomplish little and may cause gastro- intestinal distress. The way to get more NO production is to minimize free radicals in your body. Taking antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and ALA will increase the effectiveness of your Vasodilator.
Creatines With a "Pump"
Many of the new creatines on the market contain Arginine AKG or other ingredients in small amounts that help create vasodilatation. These products are worth the extra few bucks in comparison to the ones that don't contain these ingredients. They are great compliments to a vasodilator product.
Summary of Benefits:
• Increased Muscle Growth
• Increased Strength and Endurnace
• Increased Fat Loss (in combination with a sensible diet)
• Quicker Recovery Between Workouts
• A Prolonged "Pumped" Look (like when you've just had a workout)
Complementary Products:
• Antioxidants
• Creatine
• Creatine with Nitric Oxide Enhancers
• Whey Protein
• Glutamine
• Testosterone Boosters
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