How To Use Glutamine

Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Fat Burning & Recovery

Glutamine is a derivative of glutamic acid, which in turn is a precursor of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This is great, because GABA is a neurotransmitter in the Central Nervous System and tells the brain to release more growth hormone (GH) into the body. We all know that increasing growth hormone and testosterone levels is what almost every bodybuilder and weight trainer is looking for in a supplement. We know already that growth hormone not only gives you exceptional lean muscle growth, but most people do not realize that it is the most powerful fat burning tool, your body could ever use! In fact, it was shown in a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition many years ago that 2g of Glutamine may increase Growth Hormone levels by over 400% - INCREDIBLE! Glutamine is another supplement that is for REAL!
In normal “non-active lifestyle” the advantages of this supplement go beyond of being very impressive. Glutamine may have benefits in many areas that most people find hard to believe, such as; depression, improving mental alertness, Crohn’s disease, alcoholism, improves clarity of thinking, hypoglycemia and even helping in behavioral problems and autism in children, plus many-many more health benefits - all simply staggering!
In the fitness industry, Glutamine is what we call the “Anabolic Building Block Amino Acid”, it has proven to show this through weight training, that this supplement can produce exceptional results in strength, muscle growth, accelerated fat loss and recovery – years ago in some countries Glutamine was “treated like a drug” (no joke)! Glutamine is definitely a powerful anti-catabolic supplement and when training for strength and size it is often stacked with the popular supplement Creatine Monohydrate, both have different qualities, however if your serious about your supplement program, they are for sure stacked together!
Are Glutamine and Creatine Monohydrate the same?
NO, but put it this way, TODAY many supplement brands stack these two prominent supplements together in every way, shape or form of products simply because they both work - AND WORK AMAZING IN SINGULAR FORMS AND IN FORMS TOGETHER!
There are a few different ways of taking Glutamine, the two most important times to take Glutamine is right after training and just before bed time. You take it right after training, WITH PROTEIN, because Glutamine helps drive protein into the muscle cell, where it is synthesized for growth and can also transport nitrogen into the cell (producing cell volumization). Then at bedtime, it gives us the same result, but even more! While we are sleeping our body grows (gives you your results), and it grows because of a number of things (no, you don’t grow in the gym or during the day), hence why sleep is so-SO IMPORTANT, but primarily we grow because of the body’s natural way of producing growth hormone. By taking extra Glutamine at bedtime, it can dramatically increase these natural growth hormone levels instantly and produce some exceptional growth (Glutamic Acid = GABA = release of more growth hormone).
Now the complete real answer on Glutamine?
You see Glutamine and/or dietary Glutamine (what we get from our diets) gets digested by our intestinal tract before it can get into your blood stream and eventually hit our muscle. What this tells us, that we took Glutamine the old fashion way of 1-2 grams a day, hence the Glutamine never got into the muscle, because there was none left after the inestinal tract basically ate it. So, we find when taking Glutamine, you must increase the dosage in order for some of the Glutamine to pass the stomach. The ideal dosage of Glutamine is minimum 5 grams per dosage at a given time – anything lower than that and the odds are against you having any exceptional gains from this supplement! There are specific ways of taking Glutamine – TRY THE BELOW AND GROW!
After Training: Take 10-15g with your normal supplement program you take after training.
Bedtime (training days): Take 10-15g by itself and/or with your favorite whey type protein.
Training Off Days: Take 20-30g at “bedtime only” with your favorite whey type protein.
Glutamine Stack FACT:
The two most abundant amino acids to building muscle are Glutamine and Taurine. Taurine is the complimentary stack when using Glutamine. Taurine is taken at a 1:4 ratio with Glutamine (5g:20g ratio), it is a very cheap supplement to purchase and a great add on to a supplement program.
Protein-Glutamine FACT:
If you are using a protein powder with added Glutamine, or you are adding Glutamine into it, try to consume it within 10-15 minutes, as it may become catabolic to the muscle tissue if you leave it mixed up longer. You are probably wondering what protein powders really have enough Glutamine in them that you should worry about this – right! Well guess again, because most of all the leading protein powders TODAY do have high levels of Glutamine in them per serving, some list it, some don’t, we encourage all supplement brands “to list their whole amino acid profile per serving”, it’s very important to the customer - most always do if they have “very high amounts off Glutamine and BCAAs-EAAs in it”, it’s a great sell for them - AND WHY NOT! This is just “a great example” of why you should read labels and learn about what you are buying and putting in your body, plus you may save yourself a little bit of cash by not double ending your purchase by buying the same supplement TWICE (Glutamine, BCAAs-EAAs TWICE)!
Glutamine-Beta-Alanine-BCAA-EAA (CHEAP Pre-Workout Stack):
It’s no secret many “real fitness supplement gurus” stack their pure form BCAAs with pure form Essential Amino Acids (EAA), they know this amazing stack compliments BCAAs to a completely different level, we strongly agree with the stack, however additionally we have seen even better results by including Glutamine (5-10g) and Beta-Alanine (2-4g, find your itch tolerance, don’t go any higher to eliminate the itch). Both Glutamine and Beta-Alanine are also taken into muscle tissue for good energy and recovery. This complete stack (Glutamine, Beta-Alanine BCAA, EAA) is a stack we like to call the “low cost’, non-stimulant, highly effective pre-workout drink”, simply drink half 20-30 minutes before your workout, then when you get to the gym fill your shaker cup with more water and drink throughout your workout, if needed keep refilling each time you drink 50% of the mix, then drink it all at the end of your workout - YUM! This routine will provide you great water intake, provide you amazing sustained energy, PLUS YOUR MUSCLES WILL LOVE YOU ALL THE WAY THROUGH YOUR WORKOUT!
If your serious about your gains this is “a no brainer stack” (Glutamine, Beta-Alanine BCAA, EAA AND H2O) of superior supplements that work very well singular, and compliment each other together which may provide you some incredible results - IT’S ALL ABOUT RESULTS!
We consider H2O (water) as a supplement by itself, its needed 24-7-365 by the human body and essential for any physical results and in life “as overall smart health”. If you’re not drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, and “especially throughout your workout”, then you are not serious about your gains and your overall health. People are always asking for “the best fat burner”, “the best anti inflammatory”, the “best source of energy”, “the best anti-aging product”, we can go on and on, the fact is water provides you all these results. Most people don’t really understand the human body and the “power and benefits” of proper daily water intake, especially when looking for physical results and solutions. Let’s make you a believer in water, READY…… an estimated 66% of the adult human body is made of water, our brain is estimated at 80% water, our muscles (including your heart) are estimated at 75% water, our blood is estimated at 83% water, our lungs are estimated 90% water, our skin is estimated at 64% water, and even our bones are estimated at 30% water…..are you a believer now - WATER IS ONE SUPPLEMENT THAT IS FREE FOR YOU - USE YOU!
So, what are the best Glutamines to use?
Well back 25 years ago, when Glutamine and Creatine came out, we always had to worry about the counterfeit and cutting of products, with some using corn starch for both products, but mainly for Glutamine. TODAY, Glutamine, just like Creatine Monohydrate, is now one of the most widely used supplements in the world, far cheaper and more available, so it’s not a problem anymore. With that, always keep up to date with our “Supplement Award Winners”. Glutamine, like Creatine Monohydrate continually gets better and better, purer and purer, so just make sure your getting the absolute best of best products that are essential to YOU AND YOUR GOALS FASTER!
Please understand with the popularity of Whey Protein, Creatine Monohydrate, Glutamine and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and other middle level powdered products from weight gainers to singular amino acid products. These top products are becoming the easiest and most commonly cut products right now on the market, not in a harmful way, just by lower quality ingredients, extra flavouring, etc. With the rapid growth of many supplement companies coming out onto the market worldwide the biggest misconception consumers are having is believing what the product name label states, and what the actual ingredient label says - 100% this and 100% that for this low price. Some labels can mean sweet shit nowadays, and at times just good for a quick sell!
For example, today we see some major supplement brands confusing the shit out of the end consumer with “similar looking products” in grocery (super markets) then the actual real product in a sports nutrition or health food store (specialty market). This is a “fools’ game”, with the customer “being the fool”. These supplement brands are just reeling in the consumer “for simple sales growth” of their similar lower inferior product compared to their actual real product in the specialty market, in our eyes it’s not ethical! These grocery type products (from name, label, ingredients, servings and serving size, etc.) look very similar, but if you really check the actual profile of the whole product, they are quite different products. The end result is the customer is buying a lower cost product, a lower quality product that could possibly produce limited results compared to the actual real specialty market product! This just gives the supplement industry a bad rap in many ways, but mostly for the end customer (user).
Health Canada does a decent job, but ongoing there are just so-SO many new lines and products. It’s better than many-many years ago, but even today you should always be concerned about what your buying, and what the hell does that actual full label state?
ALWAYS-ALWAYS-ALWAYS check the labels! Don’t just purchase the lowest price on the shelf - do the research FIRST it’s going into your body! This is definitely no sales pitch – it’s only the truth!
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