Foundations of Health

Getting in shape is tough. If it wasn't, everybody would look like a cover model. Eating right is the first step to achieving a healthy physique. The challenge for most people is eating right. Everyone knows what to put in their car and what to look for when shopping for pet food, but when it comes to putting things in their own body, there's definitely room for improvements. Learning the Foundations of Health will provide you with the knowledge you need to change your body for the better and get the most out of your food choices. The following 3 elements make up the Foundations of Health.
4-6 Quality Meals per Day
4-6 quality meals containing protein create a healthy, energized body. Protein is not easily stored as fat and helps create a lean, energized body. Males should aim for 1 gram of protein per body pound per day. Females should consume .6 grams of protein per body pound per day. The remainder of your meal should consist of quality carbohydrates (stick to low glycemic sources), healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and fibrous vegetables. Eat enough to feel satisfied and to provide you with enough energy until your next meal. Refrain from consuming high amounts of fats and carbohydrates as they are likely to be stored as fat. If it is inconvenient or expensive for you to consume 4-6 whole food meals per day, use Meal Replacement Powders and/or Bars.
Micronutrients (Vitamins and Minerals)
Vitamins and minerals have the most significant impact on your health. Deficiencies lead to serious health problems and reduced resistance to diseases. Everybody, regardless of their activity level should be supplementing with some sort of Multi-Vitamin/Multi-Mineral. Weight training and endurance activity deplete specific macronutrients from your body. Active individuals should be supplementing with a Multi-Vitamin/Multi-Mineral designed for them.
Individuals should also be eating 4-6 servings of a variety of vegetables per day. Eat a wide variety of vegetables to get the most benefits. If vegetables are not your favourite thing to eat try supplementing with Progressive Veggie Greens. It provides a wide variety of land, sea and cruciferous vegetables providing phytonutrients, digestive support and fibre.
Essential Fatty Acids
Essential Fatty Acids, or EFA's are found naturally in foods like fatty fish, flax seeds and walnuts. They play a large part in cell regeneration and general health and are especially important for individuals who are active. Omega-3's are are the most important EFA to supplement with. Eat plenty of fatty fish or supplement with Flax Oil or Salmon Oil to ensure you get the required amount of EFA's. 1-3 tablespoons of Flax Oil or 3-6 grams of Salmon Oil is recommended.
Additional Tips:
Drink plenty of water.
Avoid eating excess carbs and fat before bed.
Eat protein before bed. This encourages fat loss during sleep.
Sleep 7 or more hours every night.
Don't starve yourself. Eat when you're hungry, but stop short of feeling full.
Eat until you are satisfied.
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