Flavor God Seasoning - 74-159 Grams

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Flavour: Cajun (Best Before 07/25/2024)

16 Seasoning Flavours 

Some of our favorite flavors:
Cajun Lovers Seasoning

Aromatic herbs with a hint of sea salt, followed by a warming heat of black pepper and the robust, Earth tones of three chili peppers. My Cajun Seasoning is perfectly BALANCED as an all purpose seasoning with the influences of Southern Regional Cuisine.

Buffalo Seasoning

Buffalo Wings are one of my favorite party snacks. Many customers have been asking me for a Buffalo style seasoning from my early days at the farmers markets. - After much development I've finally crafted a Flavor god Buffalo seasoning!!! - With the use of fresh ground herbs and spices, this buffalo seasoning is different than any store bought seasoning.


The key components to this cheese seasoning is garlic, Himalayan pink salt and the use of real almonds, its vegan friendly and the seasoning is great for people allergic to dairy. also it's great for people that are lactose intolerant.

Everything Bagel Seasoning

Sourced with premium ingredients such as a Himalayan flake salt, this seasoning hits every savory taste bud. The avocado toast hipster in all of us, rejoice! Toasted garlic and onion are highlighted by sesame seeds & poppy seeds to bring a seasoning that’s perfect for any occasion! With a quick shake of this seasoning, you can level up any veggie or potato dish.

Everything Spicy

Looking to add some spice to your life?! No we're not talking about in the bedroom, although we may have something for that later on. We're talking about cranking up the heat in your KITCHEN! Yes! This BADA** SH*T right here will take your culinary dishes to a whole new level. 

Garlic Lovers

I love garlic and so will you. Of course this seasoning features Garlic but it also shares the spotlight with other amazing flavors and very little salt. Onion, basil, thyme, parsley and other herbs & spices give this seasoning the perfect balance for all your dishes!

Honey BBQ 

My Honey BBQ seasoning begins with a savory and aromatic progression followed by the sweetness of honey while finishing with herbs and mild spices. 

Hot Wings Seasoning

Hot wings are one of my favorite snacks. So, I figured, ”Why should that flavor only be enjoyed on wings?” Tangy, savory, with a hint of spice, this Seasoning can be used like your favorite hot sauce. 

Lemon & Garlic Seasoning

I love lemon and garlic and so will you. The highlights in this seasoning aren't only the genius pairing of citrus and pungent tang. Lemon and garlic share the spotlight with other amazing flavors. 

Taco Tuesday Seasoning

This is by far one of the most user friendly seasonings they have ever created. With blended robust herbs with mild and aromatic spices with a finish of crushed red chili peppers. Heat the level is mild but the flavor is bold! 

Flavor God Seasoning
  • 🌿Paleo Certified
  • 🌿Kosher Certified
  • 🌿Zero Calories Zero Fat
  • 🌿Zero Carbs
  • 🌿Vegan
  • 🌿Gluten free
  • 🌿DAIRY free
  • 🌿Sugar free
  • 🌿Low sodium
  • 🌿made with real almonds
Are these seasonings gluten-free & Kosher?

YES, seasonings are certified Kosher. They have also been tested in a lab and are Gluten Free.

Are the seasonings appropriate for meal preps?

Absolutely!! Meal preps have a tendency to become repetitive and flavorless due to eating large quantities of foods in their most natural state for optimal nutrient consumption. Up until recently, athletes were eating for sustenance and to ensure that they were consuming enough calories per day according to their meal plans. Now they can simply cook with their Flavor God seasonings or even shake the seasonings over their meals for an enjoyable experience every time they’re ready to eat.

What is the salt content of your seasonings?

Seasonings in this industry can contain hundreds of milligrams of sodium per serving. This can pose as a risk for many people. My seasonings contain only 100% unprocessed sea salt at only 25-40 milligrams per ¼ teaspoon which is a fraction of what you find commercially (the only seasoning with a higher amount than this is my Himalayan Salt and Pepper seasoning which is an actual salt seasoning).

Do you have any GMO’s, preservatives, or MSG in your seasonings?

The seasonings are vegan and do not contain any of the above mentioned substances nor do they contain sugars, refined sodium, fillers, or anti-caking agents which tend to be either synthetic or made with animal by-products. Only the Ranch seasoning is not vegan as it has a dairy component for an authentic Ranch taste (it is still GMO, Preservative and MSG free).

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